Data Mining

TREND.MARKET uses various API integrations and completes its data mining needs by physically collecting market prices through direct communication with distributors and traders.


We use multiple chart designs to display our data in the most meaningful manner. Users can choose between chart styles (line, table, candlestick) based on their data understanding requirements.


Collected data helps trading businesses to monitor competitor prices in real-time and make data-driven pricing decisions. Hence becoming more efficient in pricing their sales efforts.

Offering You A Better

Market Overview

Tailored Solution

TREND MARKET offers you a portal where we collect data from suppliers and present it graphically. We offer this data to customers who want to know how to price their commodities.


Trend.Market is

Mobile Responsive

On a daily basis and simply by checking your phone’s browser, you will be able to know what is the maximum price, minimum price, medium price and weighted average in the market. Traders can then use this information to price their products.

  • Daily Updated Pricing Charts

  • No need for any application

  • Accurately monitor pricing trends across the industry.
  • Analyse competitor price movements in real time and offer better prices.

  • Track and compare similar products. By observing how your competitors are pricing, you can then curate competitve prices accordingly.

What Our Colleagues Say

Some kind words from our respected clients


We support companies in communicating efficiently their offers to their target market. TM is an excellent summary to better understand the needs and opportunities of our trading clients.

Sarah Johanna Hamera



All the pricing information I need and look into to support my pricing and trading decisions.

Rishi Van Bakel



A free service I esteem important for every trader in the fast moving consumer electronics (FMCE) industry.

Eric Grossmann


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